C³BIRD is composed of experts in clinical tests and medicine, with extensive experiences in new vaccines, as well as basic and clinical research related to infectious diseases. They are outstanding researchers who have experiences in international collaborative research related to infectious diseases, such as those carried out by Korea International Cooperation for Infectious Diseases (KOICID).

C³BIRD offers unique training programs for overseas partners participating in the international collaborative research. It provides;

  • Korea’s top-notch experiences in various training programs related to clinical tests, including the training for clinical trial participants
  • A full range of practice course training programs in all areas for researchers, pharmacists, and CRCs
  • Rich opportunities to experience basic training related to infectious diseases.

With outstanding environment to support research, we provide thorough training programs for overseas research partners. Our facilities include

  • Clinical research and training centers for practice courses (for overseas researchers)
  • Basic testing facilities for practice courses (for overseas researchers)
  • Accommodations for overseas researchers (Seoul National University School of Medicine Dormitory and International Dormitory)