Consigning Organization

Seoul National University, Seoul National University Hospital (SNUH)

  • Specialized in basic and clinical research related to infectious diseases.
  • Equipped with clinical research staffs who received online and offline trainings and meet global standards.
  • Provide training which includes both theory and practice to various clinical research participants including researchers, IRB members, and clinical trial pharmacists.
  • Build clinical research staffs’ capacity by teaching theory and providing on-the-job training to clinical trial coordinators.
  • Carries out online training for clinical researchers.
  • Offers advanced course for pharmaceutical medicine.
  • Offers influenza R&D academy lab training courses.
  • Operates and leverages Medical Research Collaborating Center (MRCC) to support advanced clinical research by offering systematic resource management and statistical services.
  • Its research team holds extensive clinical research experiences related to infectious diseases.
  • Operates JW LEE Global Center for Medicine at Seoul National University, School of Medicine, which already holds a solid medical training network with the developing countries.

Visiting Training for Foreign Researchers in Korea

Consigned Organization

Chungnam University, Research Institute for Medical Sciences/KOICID

  • Operates Korea International Cooperation for Infectious Diseases (KOICID) under Chungnam University.
  • Established International Cooperation Network Base for Collaborative Research on Infectious Diseases.

Korea University, Department of Microbiology

  • Specialized in basic research on infectious diseases
  • Develops and operates research training programs related to infectious diseases.
  • Develops and operates national basic research training courses for novice overseas researchers.

Training for Staffs from Local Research Center (Thailand)