The 6th International Symposium for Cooperation on Infectious Diseases


The 6th International Symposium for Cooperation on Infectious Diseases(ISCID) will be organized jointly by KOICID(Chungnam National University: Sungmin Kim) by Korean Ministry of Health and Welfare, C3BIRD(Seoul National University: In-Jin Jang), INID-K(Seoul National University Hospital: SeungHwan Lee / Consigned: Korea Research Institute of Chemical Technology: Chonsaeng Kim), and TIDCL(Ajou University: Ho-Joon Shin) by Korean Ministry of Science and ICT.


The finalized dates and venue of the symposium is as follows:

 Date: September 29th to October 1st, 2021

 Venue: Booyoung Hotel & Resort (Jeju), Republic of Korea

 Registration: Please register via email -

◈ Contact: Soyoung Kim (, 02-740-8931)


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